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Have you ever wondered what the weather will be tomorrow? 140 Million Google Search Results show that this is one of the most frequently asked questions worldwide. Today existing weather models fail to properly predict weather phenomena such as fog, high fog and thunderstorms. The cause of this is, primarily, that there is a massive data gap in the planet boundary layer: currently there is barely any data available at all for temperature, humidity and wind in the lower atmosphere (3km). This is why Meteomatics has focused on improving weather forecast by closing the data gap and revolutionising the world of weather forecasts.

An important step on the way to the perfect 24-hour forecast are Meteomatics’ own in-house designed, developed manufactured and patented weather drones, the Meteodrones. The Meteodrones collect data from all layers of the atmosphere from ground level up the planetary boundary layer (3km above ground). Now, for the first time, extremely precise information on temperature, humidity and wind in the lower atmosphere can be recorded. 


The Meteodrones flight operations 

Meteomatics commenced flight operations in 2016 in order to be able to provide the precise drone data permanently on a nationwide basis for Switzerland. While Meteodrones still require control by drone pilots, Meteomatics already have the next innovative technology in the starting gates, the MeteoBase. This will enable up to 10 different drone systems to be simultaneously remotely controlled and for weather data to be collected automatically by a single operator on a large scale.


Validation Reports and Surveys

It was in 2013 that Meteodrones were first tested in real-world conditions. Over subsequent years several additional measurements and tests have been undertaken to analyse the quality of the data gathered. There are reports and studies, conducted by us, or our partners and examples for drone measured weather data are available in the Validation Reports and Surveys section. 

Pictured are the results of the flights in Payerne.





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