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Fast acquisition and computation of data is the key element for many business processes, no matter whether we are dealing with data from weather stations and forecasting, or even satellite and radar images. However, what is equally important to speed is an overall data strategy: This includes data harmonization and standardized access procedures via predetermined interfaces. This way, you are in full control over your data and data usage and you are able to separate business processes from data processing, which allows for strategic growth in both areas.

Select the right Weather API for you


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With our Automotive/Logistik Weather API you will receive an industry-specific data package, which is easy to integrate into your application.

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Marine Data

If you need to optimize ocean lanes or plan the maintenance for offshore wind farms: our Marine Data API provides you both weather and wave data through a unified interface.

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Outdoor and Tourism

For leisure activities weather plays an important role. Whether you are planning your next vacation, or a hiking trip on the weekend. With our Outdoor and Tourism Weather API you have a reliable advisor, even on the route!

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Website and Application

Supply your customers with relevant content and add value to your website, or app with current weather data and forecasts from the Meteomatics Weather API!

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The weather has always played a crucial role in farming. With our Agricultural Weather API we provide you with weather data tailored to your needs!

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Air Pollutants

Not only for routing traffic data on air quality is relevant. All needed parameters can be obtained easily through our API.

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At the latest since the energy revolution, weather data are an integral part of the energy sector. With our Energy Weather API we provide you with the data relevant for the energy market!

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Get an overview of our available parameters and create your own API, suitable for your purpose!

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