MOS Parameters

For more information on how to query MOS data see:

  • Querying MOS data
  • Model & Source Selection in the section Station observations & MOS prognoses
  • We currently compute MOS forecasts with a temporal resolution of 1 hour for the following parameters (if measured by the station):

    • Temperature and dew point 2 m above ground level:t_2m:C and dew_point_2m:C. Also available in degrees Kelvin with K.

    • Relative humidity: relative_humidity_2m:p

    • Precipitation and precipitation probability (both right-aligned): precip_1h:mm and prob_precip_1h:p

    • Global radiation (right-aligned): global_rad_1h:J

    • Cloud cover: low_cloud_cover:p, medium_cloud_cover:p, high_cloud_cover:p, and total_cloud_cover:p. Also queryable in octas.

    • Mean sea-level and surface pressure: msl_pressure:hPa and sfc_pressure:hPa.

    • Wind speed, direction and gusts (right-aligned): wind_speed_10m:ms, wind_dir_10m:d, and wind_gusts_10m_1h:ms. Available in kmh as well.

    Similar to the parameters provided by the weather models, you can query some derived quantities based on the above list (and in the same units). If the parameter below refers to an interval, nh has be replaced with e.g. 6h if you are interested in the 6 hour interval. The currently supported intervals are 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 hours. At the moment you can query the following derived parameters:

    • Mean, minimal and maximal temperatures: t_mean_2m_nh:C, t_min_2m_nh:C, t_max_2m_nh:C

    • Minimal and maximal pressures: sfc_pressure_max_nh:hPa, sfc_pressure_min_nh:hPa and analogously for msl_pressure.

    • Effective cloud cover: effective_cloud_cover:p

    • Cloud cover means: low_cloud_cover_mean_nh:p and similarly for medium, high, total, and effective cloud cover.

    • Mean wind direction and speed: wind_dir_mean_10m_nh:d and wind_speed_mean_10m_nh:ms.

    • Right-aligned accumulated precipitation and precipitation probabilities: precip_nh:mm and prob_precip_nh:p