Blog from November, 2017

The wind industry in Germany continues to face major challenges. In daily business, weather data and performance forecasts as well as products based on it, such as market value analyzes, are irreplaceable. As part of the 26th Wind Energy Days in Warnemünde, Meteomatics presented its innovative possibilities to work with relevant data even faster and easier, as well as to improve the forecasts for the future. The Wetter API, the Meteodrones as well as the performance forecasts and hydrological forecasts form the core business of the Swiss company with its branch office in Berlin. Meteomatics was present with a booth and two lectures and was able to exchange ideas with many companies in the field of direct marketing and planning.






Within Switzerland exist various types of aerodromes. While some airports are needed for the connection to foreign countries, regional airports cover private flying and training. In order to monitor flight preparation and security messages among other things, each aerodrome operator appoints an chief of aerodrome. On 23th of November, they met at a meeting in Ittigen to discuss issues and innovations. Since Meteomatics is part of the Swiss airspace with the Meteodrones, CEO Dr. Martin Fengler belongs to the invited experts. Meteomatics was the first Swiss company which developed a weather drone for weather data measurements, thus assuming a pioneering role in the use of drones. Which areas of application and opportunities arise, was presented at the aerodrome manager meeting.

Have you ever wondered how the weather will be tomorrow? As 140 million Google search results show, this is one of the most frequently asked questions in the world. The weather plays an important role in many different parts of our private and also professional lives. The reason for imprecise forecasts is primarily that there is a massive observational data gap in the so called boundary layer. For this reason Martin Fengler  decided in 2012 to found the Meteomatics AG and focus on improving weather forecasts. An important instrument on the way to the perfect 24-hour forecast are the self-developed and patented weather drones, the Meteodrones. An important step in the direction of a nationwide drone operation is the development of the MeteoBase Here, the Meteodrone finds its home, starts, lands and is charged between flights. For several weeks, the prototype of the Dronebox has been part of the inventory in the St. Gallen office. The St. Galler Tagblatt came for a visit to gain an insight into the innovative technology.


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