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Meteo, Wetter, Weather

With Meteo, Wetter and Weather, Meteomatics is offering three specialized high performance caching solutions for all types of weather data.

The focus of these products lies on high performance for time critical applications. Thus, even complex database queries or requests for time series over several years take only a few milliseconds to be processed. The caching solutions of Meteomatics, enables you to store and view numerical weather model data of several terabyte, as spatial as well as time series data. For the first time this allows an interactive generation of long model time series.   

The Meteomatics caching systems in combination with our Weather-API are offering you a fast and reliable data source, which can easily be integrated into your application. This solution may find use i.e. in: weather portals, forecasting software, websites, or trading portals.




Various types of weather station data, radio soundings and statistical MOS forecasts are available through our caching solution „Wetter". The central data deposition is based on self-developed lightning-fast In-Memory caching solution which enables data access even for complex queries or aggregations for many years within milliseconds: In real-time and globally.




Model data in the multi-terabyte range are available via our caching solution „Meteo". This ranges from global weather models to high-resolution local models and re-analysis data. The incoming GRIB, GRIB2 or netcdf files are converted automatically into time series using Hadoop RT. Customers like Daimler use Meteo for their industrial applications. But also websites can easily utilize the solution to handle hundred thousands of requests per day. One nice example is the agriculture website from DLV (




The third branch is all kinds of remote sensing data such as satellite images and radar data. The data is being geo-referenced and interpolated automatically. This enables to retrieve domain specific analyses, line segments and time-series at arbitrary locations in real-time.









Flyer Wetter (pdf)


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