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Your weather-sensitive trading products and company divisions will be much more predictable with the Meteomatics Seasonal Forecast. Our new and methodically unique concept can be used globally and is delivered in CSV or FTP format, of course, other data formats can be generated upon request. The Seasonal Forecast supplies you with:

  1. Prediction of temperature trends and anomalies up to 7 months in advance
  2. Early indication of significant weather trends
  3. Minimum-, maximum- and average temperature

Our Seasonal Forecast enables an early detection of hot- and cold spells, as well as significant changes in the weatherWhether you work in energy trading, in construction industry, in transport or in agriculture, you always have a reliable partner for long term planning at your side with our Seasonal Forecast.




Flyer Seasonal Forecast.pdf


Switzerland: +41 (0) 71 272 66 50

Germany:  +49 (0) 30 200 74 280


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