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The weather plays an important role for the public- as well as the individual transportation. For an intelligent traffic control or an individual optimization of routes an automated access to weather data is crucial. Our efficient Weather API delivers up-to-date data and forecasts precisely to your coordinates or along your planed route. Even for the optimization of charging cycles the data can be of great importance.      

With the help of our Meteodrones we can measure the actual pollution over a certain time. Based on this collected data traffic management optimization strategies can be worked out. Under the consideration of Road Weather Forecasts and Floating Car Data further dependency on the weather can be detected and modelled. We are looking forward to discuss this further with you in an In-house Workshop.    

Even airports and airlines can profit of the collected data from our Meteodrone. The data is expected to improve the forecasts of fog and thunder dramatically. Through an accurate fog forecast the efficiency of personnel planning and the overall scaling of flights could be highly increased.       



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