The API has learned to handle queries with comma-separated time lists consisting of single time points and/or time ranges. This increase in expressive power allows you to combine certain queries into a single one or to query data for very specific dates without including redundant ones. For example you can now query the periods from 06Z to 18Z in 30 minute steps for both today and tomorrow with todayT06ZPT12H:PT30M,tomorrowT06ZPT12H:PT30M in one go, or query for very specific times such as 2018-10-21T02:15Z,2018-10-22T13:25Z,2018-10-23T21:10Z in a single request. You may also mix time points and ranges, say 2018-10-21T12:15Z,2018-10-22T13ZPT1H:PT15M.

All the list has to satisfy is that each element of the list conforms to our already existing rules for time points and ranges, and the resulting list of times has to be sorted in non-decreasing order.