Watch Our Meteodrones Fly

Join us on the 4th of October, for a Meteodrone demo in Payerne

On the occasion of the Meteorological Technology World Expo, Meteomatics will hold a Meteodrone demo, flying up to 6 km.

Meet our team of experts and drone pilots, enjoy a nice dinner, learn about the latest developments of our weather drones and watch them reach the heights of Switzerland's sky.

Introducing the Future of Weather Measurement: The Meteodrone System

On the occasion of the Meteorological Technology World Expo, you will have the chance to visit our booth (number 4050) at Palexpo during the day and to see first hand a Meteodrone flight in Payerne at night.

Thanks to a special authorization from the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), we are allowed to fly both at day and night beyond visual line of sight up to 6 km above ground.

The Meteobase

Our team of experts and drone pilots will be presenting Meteodrones as well as a Meteobase. As a ground station, a Meteobase serves as local support for the operation of a Meteodrone controlled by a remote pilot. It serves as a communication element between the pilot and the drone or works as a control element for autonomous flights of the drone. The Meteobase consists of a central computer that performs various tasks related to the operation, control and maintenance of the drone and the monitoring and logging of weather parameters at the site.

The Meteodrone System to Replace Radiosondes in the Long Run

Radiosondes are small instruments attached to weather balloons that ascend into the atmosphere. As the balloons rise, the radiosondes measure various atmospheric parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction that allow meteorologists to make vertical profiles of the atmosphere to produce weather forecasts.

However, radiosondes present several disadvantages, such as limited mobility and lifespan, high cost, and risk of damage or loss.

The Meteodrone system allows meteorologists to conduct more frequent, safer, cheaper, and more environment-friendly vertical data measurements.

For these reasons, Meteodrones are the best candidates for replacing radiosondes in the long term.

Watch below a video of a nocturnal Meteodrone flight.

Demo Schedule: 4th of October

5:30 p.m.: Departure time from Geneva

A bus will take the participants from Palais Expo (where the exhibition takes place) to Payerne. The bus will leave in front of the expo building.

Approx. 7:00 p.m.: Arrival at the drone demo location

Arrival at the location of the demo in Payerne.

7-10:30 p.m.: Demonstration of Meteodrone and Meteobase

Meteomatics team will present the latest developments of the Meteodrones and perform low and high altitude flights up to 6 km.

Additionally, our experts will showcase the Meteobase, which functions as a base station for the Meteodrone. The combination of the Meteodrone and the Meteobase results in a fully autonomous and remote drone-in-a-box solution.

During this time dinner will be served to the participants.

10:30 p.m.: Departure time from the demo location

A bus will take the participants back to Geneva.

Approx. midnight: Arrival in Geneva

Arrival at Palais Expo in Geneva. The bus will also stop at Geneva main station. Participants are free to choose where they want to get off the bus.

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Lukas Hammerschmidt – Chief Drone Officer
Dr. Lukas Hammerschmidt
Chief Drone Officer

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Registrations open until September 22

Join our team of experts and watch our Meteodrone fly up to 6 km at night in Payerne!