Energy Weather Conference in Leipzig

Together with our partner Meteomind we will host the energy weather conference in Leipzig on the 17./18. of June. The focus of our conference is set on all aspects of optimizing energy production, load and temperature forecasts. The aim of this conference is to be an...

Interview in Moneycab

„Weather forecasting is still a tricky problem in applied Mathematics.“ - An interview between Patrick Gunti (Moneycab) and Dr. Martin Fengler (CEO, Meteomatics). [more]

Google Start-up Day

Thanks to the support of CTI Invest Meteomatics qualified to the Google Technology Day in Zurich. Dr. Martin Fengler presents Meteomatics and gives insights into on-going projects and challenges in modern numerical weather prediction. [more]

Siemens Customer Day

Weather and Big Data come together: Partnering with Fujitsu Meteomatics presents a show case which uses a Java/Hadoop application to process 27 Terabyte of global weather data which is more than 100 times faster than any classical approach. These techniques enable,...