November 25th 2020, Meteomatics AG, Creator Of The Most Innovative Weather and Climate API Has Added Climate Projections Data Out To 2100.

Meteomatics add climate projection data to its API

We are very pleased to announce the addition of global climate projection data (up until 2100) in Meteomatics' Weather and Climate API. Meteomatics' API now allows customers to access weather and climate data across all timescales, globally!

Why integrate Meteomatics’ Climate Projection Data

The UN has recognized that climate change is the ‘defining crisis of our time’ and has led to the agreement of landmark policy initiatives, such as the Paris Agreement in 2016. Helping narrow the gap between science and government policy to help address the climate crisis, whilst also generating greater awareness of the need for society to achieve more sustainability.

Yet, most businesses and organizations have been prevented from accessing and integrating climate projection data, due to the difficulty of obtaining data from climate modelling centers which can be hard to discover and download, often available in coarse resolutions, bespoke data formats and in large Grib files. 

Meteomatics recognises that it's crucial for climate projections to be made available using a more consumable method (API’s), to ensure organizations can integrate future climate projections from a world leading climate modelling centre into their data infrastructures.

What value does Meteomatics bring to climate projections?

Meteomatics' in-house meteorologists and data scientists have used their expertise to standardise and process climate projection data. Thereby removing the difficulty of sourcing and downloading climate projection data, enabling more organisations to access and integrate climate projections into their business planning and mitigation strategies than ever before.

Meteomatics' Weather and Climate API, revolutionizes access to weather and climate data, by giving users access to data across all time scales, i.e historic data (back to 1979), observations, real time, forecast, seasonal and climate predictions (up until 2100). All through a single API endpoint, bringing a consistent approach to requesting meteorological information.

Plus, Meteomatics has also improved the detail and relevance of the climate projections to help governments and organizations make more informed plans for a changing climate:

  • Parameters downscaled to 90 m*
  • Created many useful derived parameters
  • Meteomatics easy to use naming conventions

Further Information

Please contact [email protected] for further details.

We will host a webinar giving more details and a live demo of Meteomatics API on 4th December 2020, click here to book a place.