The new Meteomatics satellite composite comprises geostationary satellite images of GOES 16, GOES 17, Himawari 8, Meteosat 8, Meteosat 11 and Meteosat MSG which are merged seamlessly in order to create a global satellite image.

model selection: mix-satellite | parameter: sat_rgb:idx

For Europe there is a particular specialty available — the Meteosat Second Generation system (MSG) equipped with a visible and infrared imager called SEVIRI that allows gathering accurate high-resolution weather monitoring data with 12 spectral channels. The high resolution visible channel (HRV) allows obtaining HD images of Europe, while other channels that absorb water vapor allow for precise data on cloud top temperatures and cloud types (e.g. detection of fog).

parameter for high-resolution images: sat_rgb_hd:idx

The global satellite coverage enables continuous tracking of hurricanes, tropical cyclones as well as other severe low pressure systems.

satellite composite

Altogether, satellite images are just stunning!