Innovative technology meets high-resolution weather data

Hexagon, a global multinational metrology and geo-analytics technology group, has set itself the goal of fostering the exchange of experiences, training and networking between customers and prospects, as well as Hexagon. From June 25 to 26, 2019, this year's German-speaking Hexagon user conference took place at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. The diversity of topics was vast, ranging from operations control technologies, situation information and staff systems, network information systems, geographic information systems, to geo-referenced server / cloud solutions. In numerous lectures, workshops and in the accompanying exhibition, companies presented innovative solutions. So did Meteomatics. With the goal of providing the perfect 24h-forecast, a weather drone for data collection was developed, which is already operational. The drone data is assimilated into the existing weather model and provided via the in-house developed API. The Meteomatics Weather API is the heart of the St. Gallen weather data provider and includes global and regional weather models. Why the weather database incorporating the unique drone data is the future of weather forecasting, showed Dr. Martin Fengler in his presentation "Innovative technology meets high-resolution weather data".