Accurate hydrological forecasts

Inform & protect industry & populations across the globe

Why are more organizations benefiting from using Meteomatics Hydrological Forecasts?

We ingest high quality weather & satellite data from leading centres, such as ECMWF, UK Met Office, EUMETSAT, NASA and many others. Plus, we are experienced in ingesting and applying radar data, with local observations to create accurate hydrological forecasts

Customers are offered flexibility and high resolutions in the API, with small catchments run at 100m resolution. Plus we can also consider the impact of hydrological installations in our forecasts, including pipes, intake gates and dams.

We provide forecast up to 5 mins for nowcasts, intraday, day ahead and up to 15 days.

Meteomatics fully distributed model can give forecasts for points for which no measurements are available (which is not possible with lumped models). We can also provide seasonal forecasts for customised reservoirs

Areas of hydrological interest can simply be defined within the API query, with users able to download the forecast and make WMS requests. Allowing customers to visualize data in a huge range of visualization software 

Meteomatics Hydrological Forecasts

Meteomatics high performance hydrological forecasts allows customers to optimize the management of their water resources, allowing effective and beneficial power production schedules to maximise revenues from power generating assets.

Meteomatics works with customers to define the hydrological elements they wish to be considered, such as high resolution catchment information of land usage, soil topography, water bodies and combine with observational data sets (supplied by customers & Meteomatics). Enabling Meteomatics to create a tuned and very accurate forecast to help customers maximise revenues from power generating assets.

Meteomatics also creates localised forecasts of flash floods and extreme drought to minimise risk to life, property and reduce operational risks for organizations across the globe.

Start receiving your tuned Meteomatics hydrological forecast

1) Consultation

We work with customers to define their hydrological requirements. 

Our in-house hydrologists and meteorologists work with you to create a tailored, highly accurate forecast, for the areas you are interested in. Plus, add customised features such as warning thresholds.

2) Data ingestion

Our science  teams work with customers to gather observational data (live & historical), before integrating into our technical architecture so that it can be used to initialize and calibrate our forecast model.

3) Run & share forecast

Both our science and technical teams support customers throughout the process. Verifying the forecasts and ensuring  ensure customers are able to  leverage the value contained within the data, Providing advice and guidance regarding querying and visualizing the API.