The Solar Car Team Bochum won the Vize World Championship title at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017 in Australia. Two years of effort - fiddling, designing, building, programming and working - have paid off. Although there were many doubtful moments during the competition, the team fought and won overall.

Meteomatics has provided its weather API for this challenge. The point and distance-accurate forecast data were imported into the software and from this the consumption of the solar car or the energy production by the sun was predicted. At the beginning of the race, the entire route and week was calculated once because you never knew when you would again have sufficient network coverage for a new calculation. But when Internet was available, the API was tapped immediately and the latest forecasts in the software recorded.

For the next race in 2019, further improvements regarding integration, evaluation, presentation and further processing are planned. Then we will also be happy to assist in furthering the team. Good luck for the next two years of construction, we are looking forward to the Solar Mobile 2019.


Summary of the World Solar Challenge: