Where the wind fills the coffers

The new "Wind Market Value Analysis" is the necessary tool for making informed decisions on planning, marketing, operation and securing of wind turbines and wind farms.

With its new product, Meteomatics combines high-resolution meteorological data with price information and analyses market values as well as additional and reduced revenues for Germany and other European countries. Therefore, you can choose from 24 plant manufacturers, their respective turbine types and the corresponding hub heights.

The "Wind Market Value Analysis" offers different ways of presenting the results according to different fields of application. The map format shows a quick regional overview of the distribution of wind energy revenues in different years. In addition, location-specific revenue calculations are available as monthly, quarterly and annual values.

You can view, compile and download their data via a website. For direct marketers as well as for investors, park or plant operators, manufacturers and insurers, the market value analysis delivers the relevant results for financial decisions - quickly and conveniently.