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BILANZ on Meteomatics

The cover story of the BILANZ  - Switzerland's most prominent newspaper on economics - states: „The most promising pacemakers of tomorrow’s economy“: There, the first time, Meteomatics and its innovative drone project is introduced.

Interview in Moneycab

„Weather forecasting is still a tricky problem in applied Mathematics.“ - An interview between Patrick Gunti (Moneycab) and Dr. Martin Fengler (CEO, Meteomatics). [more]

Meteomatics is awarded the maximum grant by the STARTFELD foundation

Meteomatics concept for improvements in weather forecasting could convince the jury. The research project aims at substantial advancements in forecast quality for fog, storm and freezing rain. Such information is essential for example in energy production, for trading...


Meteomatics as a part of the ICEM in Bari

The ICEM (International Conference on Energy & Meteorology) took place for the fourth time in Bari from 26th of June – 29th of June. Many interactive workshops encouraged an exchange of information between experts from different branches like the energy sector and...

Annual Swiss Re Weather and Energy Conference

Globalisation and digitalisation are changing the way of doing business. As every change, this means new chances but also new risks. To discuss the latest trends in European weather risk management, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions,the insurance arm of the Swiss Re Group,...