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Meteomatics in the St. Galler Tagblatt

The St. Galler Tagblatt reports both online and in printed form about the latest developments at Meteomatics. The article focuses on the huge potential of the Meteomatics Meteodrones in the improvement of forecasting tricky fog and thunderstorm events by measuring...

Meteomatics in the LEADER magazine

"A start-up takes off" headlines the management magazine Leader in their January/February 2016 issue and thereby refers to our successful drone measurement campaign in summer 2015. By capturing meteorological parameters as temperature, humidity, pressure, wind...

Meteomatics Weather API online at

As of today, the German agricultural publisher (dlv) is online with its new website, reporting about current issues of the agricultural sector. Naturally, the weather is represented on the new website, as it has always played a decisive role in...


Supply Chain Innovation Day

The University of St Gallen’s Institute for Supply Chain Management has invited Dr. Martin Fengler, CEO of Meteomatics, to take part in their "Supply Chain Innovation Day”. Dr. Martin Fengler will introduce experts in Supply Chain to the multitude of possibilities...

Meteomatics as part of the Drone Innovators Network

In recent years, the interest in drones and their applications has steadily increased. Drones have become commonplace for a wide variety of professional control, monitoring and inspection tasks and so have become far more than just a new hobby for model-building...

Meteomatics at the DDS Data Days

Since 2002, the DDS Data Days have been held to bring together users, prospects and suppliers of geospatial data. The versatile program offers lectures as well as the opportunity to exchange experiences and is therefore the ideal platform for anyone who works with...