In the latest Cercl’ Air newsletter, an article about the Meteodrones’ air-quality-measurement campaign was published. Together with the department for environmental protection of the Canton Uri and the Phoster GmbH, Meteomatics tested the application of drones in air pollutant measurements. Therefore, the Meteodrone was equipped with a measuring device for fine dust.

The measurements were taken close to a motorway, nearby an air-quality-monitoring station in Erstfeld (UR). Thus, a comparison could be made between the independent, air pollutant and temperature, measurements of the monitoring station and the data collected by the Meteodrone.

The pilot project showed, that drone measurements exhibit a great potential not only for the measurements of weather data, but also in air-quality monitoring. Corresponding measurements could for example find a use in major construction projects.

Here you can download the entire Meteodrone measurement report.