The fifth Conference of the International Society for Atmospheric Research using Remotely-piloted Aircraft takes place from 15th of May - 19th May 2017. The Meteodrones, which were specifically developed for meteorological measurements up to 2 kilometres above ground, thereby take up an absolutely exceptional position among the presented aircrafts. Besides the validation of sampling techniques, inter-comparisons with providers of various different aircrafts are scheduled for the Flight Week in Cardington.

Traditionally, the Flight Week follows a conference. The conference, with a science focus on emerging technologies, sampling strategies, and experiences related to deploying UAS (unmanned aerial systems) in the field, takes place in Oban from 22nd of May - 24th of May 2017. Within the frame of this exchange of information, Christian Schluchter (CTO Meteomatics) presents the developments and experiences of the Meteodrones and their milestones in the further development of drone based atmospheric measurements.