In recent years, the interest in drones and their applications has steadily increased. Drones have become commonplace for a wide variety of professional control, monitoring and inspection tasks and so have become far more than just a new hobby for model-building enthusiasts. No country is more aware of this opportunity than Switzerland. Regarded as a (cf. General Secretariat GS-DETEC - Drone Innovators Network)Meteomatics was able to take advantage of these opportunities and started deploying drones as a flying weather stations some four years ago. This programme allows Meteomatics to add data gathered from the planetary boundary layer to high-resolution local weather in order to better predict weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, high fog and fog more precisely.Together with the World Economic Forum (WEF), DETEC is organizing the Drone Innovators Network on June 26 at ETH Zurich to present trends in innovative drone use, including Meteomatics in-house developed flying weather stations, the Meteodrones. The AirMap, a platform that will map the airspace and regulations and conditions for drones in the future, is also be presented in Zurich. Meteomatics supports the demonstration and was part of the showcase.