Icing has always been a well-known but not completely solved problem in aviation. Airliners used for the transport of passengers can be heated on the surfaces susceptible to icing. For other aircraft and UAVs that cannot be heated, icing on wings, engine or propeller continues to be a serious hazard.

As part of the Aircraft Icing Technology Meeting specialists from FAA, NASA, United States Air Force, FOCA, Boeing, Airbus and many others will be exploring the topic of icing from 23rd to 26th of April in Florida. A new member among the invited guests with the first experience reports on icing in mini UAVs is Dr. Martin Fengler, CEO of Meteomatics. Meteomatics is the first Swiss company that is using a weather drone, the so called Meteodrone, for meteorological measurements within the Planetary Boundary Layer. In critical conditions, the unmanned aerial object is faced with the thread of iced propellers. A problem that can be overcome thanks to the outstanding work on the development of a propeller heating system.