DRONE Berlin is a drone technology conference that takes place under the keyword #BuildingTheBestDrones on 25th and 26th of September in Berlin. The event is aimed at industry leaders, decision makers and engineers who come together at workshop sessions and lectures to discuss innovative technologies and market trends. Mentioning the keywords "drones" and "innovative technology" means that Meteomatics should not be missing, as the Swiss company still takes a pioneering role in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. In over 2’000 flight hours, the in-house developed weather drone, the Meteodrone, has collected information on temperature, wind speed and direction, and other parameters within the planetary boundary layer.The results around the use of the Meteodrone and the specification of weather forecasts are presented by Dr. Martin Fengler, CEO of Meteomatics, "Meteodrones - Aiming for the perfect weather forecast" on September, 25th in Berlin.