A team from Meteomatics has joined our EIM expert partner Aiimi to take part in the NWG Innovation Festival which is being held all this week (9th-13th July) at Newcastle Racecourse in the UK. This exciting Festival is in its second year and  is the brainchild of Northumbrian Water Group. This truly unique event will address 13 societal and environmental problems relevant to water companies and apply design thinking techniques to try to solve them in five action packed days.
The Festival will bring together more than 800 experts from across the global water industry ranging from small specialist businesses to big companies.
Meteomatics will be providing 10 lucky teams with access to our Weather API and also support with the vast array of environmental data that we have available to help meet these challenges.
We will also be explaining how our Meteodrone enabled high resolution local forecasting is able to transform operational management for water companies.