10 debris flows within one summer – an extraordinarily high amount. The region known as Illgraben in Valais (Switzerland) is facing increasing danger of debris flows and landslides that endangers the valley. Fabian Walter, Professor for Glacier Seismology at the ETH in Zurich talked about this in the "Werkstattgespräch”.

Him and his team are working on reliably observing and localizing these events. During the summer, he has made a special addition to his already existing network of seismometers – Meteomatics‘ Meteobase.  The Meteobase and its autonomous flying and recharging weather drone, called Meteodrones, are able to operate without the presence of a pilot, controlled remotely, in remote or hazardous terrain. The Meteodrone is able to locate the debris flows detected by the seismometers and to quantify the changes in the terrain, meaning that detailed observations can be made without the need for risking safety, and in hard-to-access, remote landscape.

In doing so, Meteomatics and its Meteobase help to support Professor Walter's vision of combining measurements from the seismometers with aerial observations from the Meteodrones to give a much clearer picture of what is going on, and to better understand, predict and mitigate risk from landslides and debris flows at the Illgraben.

You can watch the "Werkstattgespräch" here: https://vimeo.com/376107303 (German only)