Meteomatics & Cefetra Agree Strategic PartnershipMeteomatics AG is a private weather business, making a rich database of weather information (>7 Petabytes) and weather insights available to users across the globe. Meteomatics provides incredible detail and accuracy with weather forecasts downscaled to 90 meters and up to 5-minute temporal resolution, globally. All through an easy-to-use RESTful API endpoint.

Providing downscaled forecasts at 90 meter resolution and up to 5-minute temporal resolution for anywhere on the planet, were very important reasons why Cefetra chose to switch to Meteomatics.

“We were looking for a one-stop-shop that could provide up to date and detailed weather data covering Europe, which needed to be conveniently available via a RESTful API. Hence why we were very excited about partnering with Meteomatics, and the commercial possibilities Meteomatics’ API could generate for Cefetra. We are really pleased that our relationship has already grown over the year, and we now make more than 20 million API calls per day, to meet growing demand for our agricultural data services”, said Harm de Wilde Head of Market Research at Cefetra.

Meteomatics Weather API allows Cefetra to apply accurate global weather data, by mapping the data to crop production on a municipal level. Allowing Cefetra to focus on weather where the crop actually grows, bringing efficiency savings and improving speed of accessing weather insights.

Meteomatics unique approach to forecast downscaling allows Meteomatics’ API to resolve the challenges local topography can bring to weather, enabling Meteomatics to achieve a very high degree of forecast accuracy. Plus, the breadth of Meteomatics’ weather database covering all forecast timescales: historical data (from 1979), nowcasts, forecasts, probabilistic and seasonal, allows agricultural businesses to improve operational efficiencies and forecast yields.