In its latest edition, the web magazine Energy2.0 reports on the improvements of solar, hydro and wind power forecasts based on measurements of the innovative Meteomatics Meteodrones. Besides, the simpleness of downloading energy forecasts via the Meteomatics Energy Weather-API is highlighted.

The currently sparse meteorological recording of the atmosphere's lower 1.5 kilometers regularly causes distinct deviations of the forecasted energy supply of solar and wind power from the actual supply. More precise forecasts can make the difference between huge profits or losses for power plant operators, grid operators and energy consumers, especially on the intraday scale.

The assimilation of Meteodrones recordings into high resolution regional weather models can clearly improve the quality of these power forecasts by means of more precise wind, precipitation and radiation forecasts.

Already, high-quality wind and solar power forecasts can conveniently be downloaded via the Meteomatics Energy Weather-API.