Being the leading manufacturer of municipal equipment and vehicles, Bucher Municipal pushes the boundaries of technology through cutting-edge innovation. That is why the HackZurich provides the perfect opportunity of combining the experience of Bucher Municipal and the exploring minds of eager programmers to make city cleaning smarter. The aim is to plan in advance when and where the cleaning in a city is necessary based on different parameters such as events taking place, size of the anticipated crowd and weather. Is there a better solution than Meteomatics’ Weather API for such a project? Having access to historical, current and forecast data enables the easy integration of all kinds of weather data into the applications developed by the different teams. We are happy to take part in these endeavours and wish the participating teams a good time at the HackZurich this weekend!

About Bucher Municipal

Bucher Municipal is a world-leading supplier of municipal vehicles for cleaning and clearing operations on public and private roads and other traffic areas. Its range encompasses sweepers, winter maintenance equipment, as well as vehicles for refuse collection and sewer cleaning. Bucher Municipal vehicles offer efficient cleaning, ease of operation, low maintenance costs and good environmental compatibility, whatever the weather conditions.