Experience the power of Meteomatics Weather API at a more affordable price

Today, Tuesday 22nd September, Meteomatics is pleased to announce the launch of two new weather API access packages. Enabling a broader range of users to experience the richness and quality of Meteomatics Weather API, by offering lower cost packages in addition to our existing Business API Packages.

The new Meteomatics Entry Level API Package and Meteomatics Explorer API Package, offer users the opportunity to experience the accuracy of Meteomatics Weather API, brought by downscaling selected weather data to 90 metres and confidence that each forecast is calculated by incorporating the latest observations we have received.

Meteomatics’ Entry Level API Package is ideal for users looking to familiarize themselves with Meteomatics Weather API and develop new ideas, with a flexible monthly payment plan, forecasts out to 5 days and access to Meteomatics Base parameters.

Meteomatics’ Explorer Level API Package is superb for those looking to make a larger number of queries and need forecasts over a longer time period, with 1,000 queries available per day, forecasts out to 10 days and access to Meteomatics Advanced parameters.

We are excited to see what new applications and innovations Meteomatics Weather API can now support. More details on these packages can be found on Meteomatics’ API shop, as well as buying options.