August 17th 2020, Portugal/Switzerland.

Omnitécnica and Meteomatics have signed a cooperation agreement to further innovate aerospace in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau.

Omnitecnica – Sociedade Comercial e Industiral de Electrotécnica S.A – is a Portuguese expert in supplying products, as well as the integration of solutions in the areas of telecommunication and electronics. With their expertise in specialized solutions for meteorological markets and their great network of partners and clients, they are a perfect match for Meteomatics’ mission to further innovate the global aerospace market. The combination of Omnitécnica’s expertise in supplying solutions for Telecommunication and Electronics and Meteomatics’ proficiency in delivering accurate and easy-to-use weather data collected and enhanced by their Meteodrones will allow many more organizations in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau to access and benefit from weather data.

We are delighted to develop our relationship with Omnitécnica and welcome them as a growing partner in our mission to lead the next generation of meteorological technology for the modern enterprise,” said Dr Martin Fengler, Founder and CEO of Meteomatics. “By working with Omnitécnica deep expertise in supplying products and integration of solutions, we look forward to integrating our industry-leading Meteodrones into the Portuguese drone operations market, and to creating an alliance that will ultimately help public and private organizations all over the world derive more value and insights from environmental data than ever before.

Omnitécnica’s General Manager Dharmsi Murargi comments: “At Omnitécnica, we take pride in working with world-leading weather innovators and technologists.  Meteomatics have been very transparent and open to engage with, and we share the same cultural values. Combining Meteomatics’ weather data with Omnitécnica’s expertise in supplying specialized solutions for the military, utilities, meteorological and air navigation markets, produces a force multiplier effect for the entire aerospace industry, where weather innovation reduces operations uncertainty while creating real economic value to our customer.