The Weather API is our core product, which is why we are constantly working on improvements to make it even easier for our customers to get more unique data and forecasts. Over the summer months, our developers have been working diligently to make the API even better.

The improvements include the integration of new topographic data (ASTER Topography), which has expanded and improved the elevation coverage of our models across the globe. This makes our forecasts even more accurate, especially in higher air layers. This is of particular benefit to customers operating at higher altitudes, e.g. drones, helicopters and aircraft.

With the new integration of isoline queries, users now also have the possibility to directly show isolines on our maps and models. Isolines are lines on a map or diagram along which a constant value (e.g. temperature, so-called isotherms) is located. This opens up new visualization possibilities and a better understanding of weather behavior across different regions. This brings a strong added value especially for customers who are looking for data visualizations, e.g. media or travel briefing.

Additionally, the usability has been improved and the documentation for the different parameters has been updated to make it even easier for our customers to use the API.