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Build insights and solutions using Meteomatics data to improve decision making, realize efficiencies and save costs.

Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of UAV design and engineering to create our own purpose built weather drones (Meteodrones), allowing us to capture observations missed by traditional methods (such as satellites and weather balloons), downscaling forecasts to 90m or calculating forecasts on the fly to ensure a customer receives a forecast based on the latest observations.

We are committed to the creation of accurate weather forecasts that clients can trust, going to extra effort to make our weather API easy to consume.

Easy to use API

Meteomatics weather API delivers fast, direct, simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data.

Single source of weather data

A single API endpoint to access weather and earth data covering the globe, from weather forecasts, observations. Plus Web Feature Services and Web Map Services.

On the fly calculation for the most up-to-date forecast

Customer weather forecast requests are calculated ‘on the fly’, using the latest observations. Giving users confidence that they are receiving the most accurate and up to date weather data possible.

Downscaling weather forecast to 90 metres, globally!

We improve the accuracy of weather data by taking into account the detail of the topography (down to 90 metres*) for any lat / long

Fast & performant architecture

Our Meteocache aligns data in time and space to ensure that the weather API can efficiently and very quickly, return the requested data query despite of the size and format of the original data set

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New Meteomatics Online Weather API Access Packages

New Meteomatics Online Weather API Access Packages

Experience the power of Meteomatics Weather API at a more affordable price Today, Tuesday 22nd September, Meteomatics is pleased to announce the launch of two new weather API access packages. Enabling a broader range of users to experience the richness and quality of...

The Tide Weather Model - conquering new frontiers

The Tide Weather Model - conquering new frontiers

1. Introduction The rise and fall of sea levels on the Earth is referred to as “tide”, which is a Low German word for “time”. Tides originate from combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and Sun, and the Earth’s rotation. More specifically, the...