Girls Who Dare Team

Meteomatics is delighted to announce our support of the Girls Who Dare Team, with access to Meteomatics’ Weather API to help the team access accurate weather and marine data to help keep the girls safe and inform their route.

Three women, known as girls “Girls Who Dare”, are taking on the challenge of a lifetime: competing in the Great Pacific Rowing Race that takes them from San Francisco to Honolulu (Hawaii) in a 24-foot rowing boat. The team is hoping to break the current women’s world recording of rowing between the two locations within 62 days, 18 hours and 36 minutes.

The team has already had to overcome adverse weather conditions, such as wave heights of 3.7 meters and wind speed 15.3 (knots), adding to the immense physical and mental challenge that the team continuously face as they have to overcome the natural challenges brought by the Pacific Ocean, which also include the marine wild-life with the team already encountering an inquisitive shark!

The Girls Who Dare are also hoping that their efforts inspire young women, (Orlagh, Jane and Vicki Girls Who Dare crew) said that: “We want to be a relatable example to young girls showing that they can dream big, dare to believe in those dreams, and do whatever it takes to make those dreams a reality. We all face challenges in life and it's knowing to keep going when times are tough, and everything seems overwhelming that makes achieving big goals possible”.

Meteomatics are very proud to support the team and wish them the best of luck beating the world record and with the rest of the challenge. You can keep track of the girl's progress by following their Instagram account and their actual location by clicking here. Remember that the girls are not racing the other boats but looking to set a world record.

Finally, the Girls Who Dare are also raising funds for their charities, details of which can be found on their website.