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The Weather API provides helps water utilities create innovative services


Anglian Water Services wanted to breathe new life into their innovation processes, to develop a pipeline of new services and at the same time rationalise their sources of weather data from many down to one single view of the truth. They also wanted the data to be made simply available in formats that would work with existing products and services whilst meeting the needs of their newly formed Data Science team.


The Weather API was put in place across the whole Anglian Water Services business. With individual accounts in place the various business units have easy access to the data they require and integration with 3rd party catchment modeling and visualisation tools has been straightforward. Providing consultancy around meteorological data use has also been highly valued and enabled Meteomatics to contribute directly to a variety of innovation projects.


Anglian Water Services have made significant savings in terms of weather data costs, streamlined from 20 down to one supplier and are now benefiting from quick and easy access to weather data for their date science team as they develop innovative solutions with their Alliance partners for the benefit of business and its customers.