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Improved forecast quality due to vehicle data


Modern cars continuously evolve into rolling computers and meter besides the motor performance and further technical quantities also the temperature outside the car. These measurements are used for optimised regulations of the air conditioning but also as source of information for drivers. One question arises naturally: Which potential does the data hold beyond these applications when it comes to enhancing the forecast quality of various weather products?


Temperature measurements can on the one hand be used as ground truth for the assimilation into numerical weather prediction models and on the other hand serve as database to define current conditions but also to enhance nowcasting systems. In the frame of a research project, the benefit of the assimilation of these measurements for different forecast horizons and parameters were examined using high resolution weather model calculations. In addition, concepts with the focus on road safety were developed and tested.


The research results provide concrete insights into the influence of the temperature measurements on both the forecast quality of numerical weather prediction models and road safety relevant conditions and nowcast products. In a nutshell, explicit conclusions on the value and potential of the temperature measurements of the Daimler vehicle fleet were successfully gained.