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The Weather API helps SBB to enhance their railway operations


Weather impacts a railway provider`s daily business in many ways. The number of travellers is highly dependent on local weather conditions and for the railway network to be able to operate at a higher frequency requires more precise planning for both schedule and increased energy consumption.


The Meteomatics Weather API provides precise hyper-local forecasts for all relevant meteorological parameters along a specific route. By downloading that data and overlaying it with the energy consumption along a route, the Swiss Federal Railways, SBB, was able to align the energy consumption of their trains with the local weather conditions like wind, ice and dew. As a result of this success the API is now in the process of being integrated throughout the whole railway service from the planning of snow ploughing and tracking heating to the tourism advertisements.


Using Meteomatics meteorological expertise and its weather API, SBB could test its hypothesis and determine what causes variations in energy consumption. We are delighted with the results of our partnership with Meteomatics and are increasingly integrating its weather api into our operations, allowing SBB to improve operational planning and reduce operating costs.