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HäschCash - Weather API helps you save money


Wether we are in a bus, watching TV, checking our social media platforms or magazines, we are run over by ads for new products what grabs deep in our wallets as well. Especially, the unlimited possibilities make it difficult to say no and save some money. Moreover, a certain degree of discipline and an adequate method are needed in order to put some money aside every month.


The St. Gallen cantonal bank developed a saving app called HäschCash that enables their customers to save money simply and digitally. From a multitude of saving methods, one can be chosen that helps reaching the saving goals. If somebody lacks the necessary motivation, they can leave the decision to save money to the occurrence of a certain event. Thanks to the weather data of Meteomatics the saving methods “Schmuddelwetter” and “Happy Day” are available that link the weather to the saving goals.


Due to variety of data connectors of the API the meteorological data is easily integrated into the app which enables weather-based saving methods. Whether sunshine or continuous rain – individually determined money amounts can be saved thanks to highly accurate weather data. Hence, a beautiful day in the sun can get even more beautiful as with the method “Happy Day” the balance rises at the same time.