Successful radio campaigns with targeted weather data

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Swiss Radioworld AG

Swiss Radioworld is a marketing company specialising in advertising and planning of radio advertising campaigns (classic/ digital) for advertising spaces in Switzerland and is majority owned by Goldbach Group AG.


It comes as no surprise that weather conditions have a huge influence on consumer behavior whether that be increased demand for ice cream on a hot summer day or for umbrellas and scarves in the depths of winter. So, for targeted sales campaign planning, whatever the product, factoring in accurate weather data is becoming increasingly necessary to drive successful sales campaigns and give your business the competitive edge.


With event-based radio advertising, the relevant product promotions are broadcast depending on the current weather, and retailers are able to match those weather criteria to the desired promotions in advance. That allows sun glasses and hay fever remedies to be promoted when it is hot and sunny, and cheese fondue and mulled wine when it is cold and wet.


As the desire for a hearty cheese fondue gradually increases as temperatures drop, whenever a weather permits, a commercial for cheese products has been broadcast fully automatically at the radio stations, which means that the ad was broadcast only at the relevant time.

Your sales campaigns are more effective, reaching the right audiences at the right times and driving revenue uplift, and your business only pays to advertise during the most relevant weather to your product and customers, saving you money.

In spring, weather-based campaigns have already been realised during the pollen season for appropriate drugs.

Client for cheese products: Coop (Agency TW Media)

Client for pollen preparations:
Sanofi (Agency Mindshare),

Goldbach Campaign: Factsheet

Sven Kortje, Director Exchange Print/Radio/Kino (Mindshare):

"With weather data, advertisers can tailor their target groups to the most appealing times and situations. This increases the relevance of the advertisement and reduces wastage."