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Weather data for the best possible route planning


Competitions, such as American Solar Challenge or World Solar Challenge, demand precise planning ahead. After all, approximately 3000 km of land have to be crossed using the solar radiation as only energy input. Reaching an optimal speed is crucial in order to win the race; otherwise the battery may run low giving your competitors an advantage. The optimal speed during the race depends on a variety of parameters regarding the vehicle, called the Solarauto, and additionally the weather conditions. Accurate information on direct solar radiation and diffuse radiation, e.g., are crucial to success.


The nature of the race requires an unique availability and precision of weather data. The API enables an access to all the data for multiple locations at different time ranges at once. The highly accurate data reflects what kind of weather is to be expected in the next few days. Furthermore, thanks to the variety of data connectors the Weather API is easy to use from the start. Various programming languages, such as MATLAB, can ingest the data into the software used for the racing strategy enabling a certain planning security.


Instead of manually gathering weather data from various sources, extrapolating and ingesting them into an existing algorithm, the data is now simply retrieved from the API. Since the implementation of Meteomatics’ weather data, the precision of the prediction improved by approximately 10 % leading to a more efficient usage of solar cars.