As a waterspout was observed over Lake Constance on Sunday Morning, the meteorologists of SFR Meteo felt confirmed once more during this thunderstorm-prone summer. With the help of the local weather model SWISS1k, which was developed by Meteomatics, the private meteorological weather service in St Gallen, this phenomenon was already evident in the models two days before - as well as the heavy rain during the weekend south of Lake Constance. SWISS1k is fed with measurements of Meteomatics own meteodrones additionally. "SWISS1k was the only model that showed the high probability of a waterspout over the southern Lake Constance," said a meteorologist.
The additional measurement of the lower atmospheric layers by meteodrowns is the breakthrough to more precise local predictions, especially of extreme weather events. For many economic areas and relief organizations, such as municipal fire brigades, the SWISS1k forecasts will help to plan missions better or to identify possible effects at an early stage in the future.