The Meteomatics team had a successful and fun three day visit to Jersey this week as guests of Digital Jersey. What a great place!

We would like to thank all those who attended our various demonstrations and meetings and, in particular, Tony Moretta, Chris Knight Kelly Barker and the Digital Jersey team for setting up and hosting our team and working with us, the Directorate of Civil Aviation and the Ports of Jersey / Air Traffic Control for allowing our Meteodrone flight demonstration at Les Landes.

Flying in really tough conditions in the morning from 8am with high winds and low temperatures our SSE drone performed really well and demonstrated to the assembled Jersey meteorological and business stakeholders and members of the press how Meteomatics is able to deliver precise weather data taken at all levels of the atmosphere into the planet boundary layer.

We look forward to working with John Searson, Paul Aked and the team from Jersey Met Office to jointly delivering positive outcomes for Jersey, it citizens and economy through 2018 and beyond. It was also great to feel the buzz and excitement our Meteodrones created and thanks too to Sophia Bird from ITV, the BBC, and Alex at Channel 103 Radio for such excellent media coverage for the Meteodrone demonstrations and our visit.

Digital Jersey set the Meteomatics Team up with very positive stakeholder engagement across multiple organisations ranging from Public Sector and Telco Infrastructure through to Energy and from digital entrepreneurs to Jersey Airport. We also very much enjoyed our invitation to present to business leaders the IoT Infrastructure Group at the Digital Jersey Hub.

Successful showcase of the Meteodrone in Jersey