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What is behind "SCM 4.0", how can digitization processes be integrated into daily business and how can innovations be used in the supply chain? - Together with keynote speakers, invited experts and participants, these challenges in Supply Chain Speed ​​Dating will be the focus of attention on June 27, 2019 in Rorschach.

It's nothing new that the weather is also impacting consumer demand. In the past few rather hot days, the demand for ice cream and grilled meat in particular has increased significantly. After a change in weather resulting in rain showers ice cream is less interesting but much more umbrellas. The weather, and the ability to predict how accurate this can be and how it can be included in capacity planning, presents a challenge for supply chain management. With world-wide available high-precision weather forecasts tailored to customer needs, Meteomatics helps optimally plan the sales of weather-sensitive products. As a participant in the HSG Supply Chain Speed ​​Dating, Meteomatics enables insights into the world of meteorology and is looking forward to sharing new technologies, business ideas and mindsets.