The focus of this year´s Arctic Drone Event was a question of grave importance, namely how to improve the nuclear preparedness and environmental monitoring in case of an incident in this vulnerable region. Representatives of governmental agencies from Norway, Russia and the USA, as well as the research community got together for a week to discuss the use of autonomous systems in case of a nuclear incident. Hyperlocal weather data is of crucial importance in case of a nuclear emergency. Meteomatics CEO Martin Fengler was invited to present the Meteodrone at the conference in Tromsø and during an exclusive seminar during a four-day ship voyage to the island of Spitsbergen.



About the Meteodrone

Meteomatics’ Meteodrones solve critical challenges for today’s leading-edge organisations by giving them access to high quality environmental data taken from ground level up to 3km, the Planetary Boundary Layer and beyond. By using these Meteodrone-gathered environmental data, organisations can quickly gain deep insights into current and future operational challenges and risks.