Determining risks, threats and hazards is at the heart of aviation safety, in order to maintain the safety & security of our airports. Drones, Foreign Object Detection & Wildlife are all featuring on the registers for every airport (civil or military) or aircraft operator and also for the regulators who support the proactive management of them. As part of FAHM 2018, international airport operations experts, regulators, innovators and cutting edge technology businesses have gathered in London to discuss new case studies and explore the potential impact of these risks, threats and hazards. Drones will be playing a big role in the future of airport management. Thanks to the design, development and operation of its own weather drone, the Meteodrone, Meteomatics has developed world-leading expertise in the field of high altitude weather data gathering. We will be on hand from May 1 to May 2 at FAHM 2018 to demonstrate how  the use of Meteodrones to gather environmental data can help to revolutionise airport weather forecasting.