Last year already, the eastern Swiss TV channel TVO reported on the Meteomatics GmbH, the winner of the 2015 "STARTFELD Diamant". Therewith, the St. Galler Kantonalbank yearly awards the most innovative young enterprises of eastern Switzerland.

In the course of the presentation of the candidates for the 2016 Diamant, the TV channel shows the developments of Meteomatics since the last years success. Besides insights into the day-to-day work at Meteomatics, CEO Dr. Marting Fengler gives an overview of the impressive developments especially in the fields of Weather-API and Meteodrones. The Meteomatics Weather- and Energy-API allows industrial operators to optimize production processes and improve the weather related risk management. At the same time, the further development of the Meteodrones was carried forward during numerous successful field experiments that depicted clear improvements of weather forecasts with the support of drone data. As a consequence, the Meteodrones head for the first operational applications!