St. Gallen, Switzerland; Exeter, UK  / Berlin, Germany. Oct. 12, 2020 - Worldwide weather data provider Meteomatics has joined Datarade, the fastest-growing global e-commerce platform for commercial datasets. Datarade’s tens of thousands of data buyers from every industry can now effortlessly discover, compare, and get access to Meteomatics’ data products via Datarade’s platform.

Meteomatics is transforming the weather data market by enabling new and innovative applications of weather data across industries, globally. Meteomatics’ mission is to unlock the value of meteorological data and help organizations apply weather to solve their business challenges and inform decision making, both autonomously and manually.

The company’s Weather API removes the complexity of handling and processing weather data that are often large in volume and are delivered in a range of bespoke data formats. Meteomatics uses robust scientific interpolation and downscaling techniques to deliver the best possible answer to a user’s specific weather query. The company’s unique meteo-caching capability retrieves the most up-to-date forecast data very quickly, enabling industries across the globe to leverage the value of weather data and bring new or enhanced products and services to market faster. Meteomatics stores around 4PB of weather and environmental data reaching back to 1979, and their offering is growing all the time.

“We chose to join Datarade as the partnership offers an ideal opportunity to connect with data re-users looking to source quality weather data to apply to a variety of scenarios and use cases across a wide variety of industries.  The partnership will enable the number of data applications gaining insight and value from weather, marine and climate data to grow,” said Melanie Luther, Head of Sales at Meteomatics.

Meteomatics’ Weather API covers a range of weather parameters, including temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, rainfall rate, snow depth, solar radiation, cloud heights, cloud types, and many thousands more. The company applies precision downscaling and calibration techniques to weather forecasting models. These include synoptic observations, radar information, and satellite data collected from the world’s leading Met Services (including ECMWF, NOAA and  other respected scientific institutions), leading to a unique, high-resolution, global, historical, real-time, forecast, seasonal and climate timescale weather delivery capability.

The API was initially created so that  Meteomatics staff could access weather data, meaning  the infrastructure has been designed to meet the company’s own high standards and performance requirements.

“We’re thrilled to have Meteomatics onboard our global data commerce platform. Meteomatics’ expertise when it comes to weather data science and geointelligence is enabling businesses and industries across the world to enhance their operations in line with real-time climate insights. Datarade is looking forward to delivering Meteomatics’ powerful weather data API to global users,” said Richard Hoffmann, Co-Founder and CCO of Datarade.

‍Meteomatics’ data is primed for geointelligence analytics: it explains the impact of the weather on people and businesses. The company produces a number of industry or purpose-specific data sets that link weather to real-world effects, such as wind power and  solar output.

‍Meteomatics’ Weather API can be combined with every major type of environmental data to make it more useful.  Meteomatics’ API also offers a solution to storing large volumes of weather data, so that buyers can simply and easily specify exactly which data they need, and have it delivered via their chosen format and to their chosen location. Meteomatics’ Weather API is compatible with a wide range of open source data connectors and data formats, such as CSV, R, Matlab, Python, C++, Golang and many others, plus its Web Mapping Service allow users to build cool visualizations, all using the same API endpoint.

‍Meteomatics is very proud of the company’s scientific roots and continues to work closely with research projects and academia all over the world, publishing a number of scientific papers. The intelligence Meteomatics supplies leads to new research findings, and ultimately provides opportunities to innovate and solve problems across industry and academia.