The applications of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have increased significantly in recent years. In addition to private use for vacation photos from high altitudes, drones are also used in a variety of ways for business purposes. The application options range from monitoring and control tasks to weather data collection.

To investigate the use of UAVs for operational meteorology, the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) has invited to a workshop in Toulouse. The goal of this event is according to WMO: The workshop has the overall aim to develop consensus and mutual understanding on utilizing UAVs for operational meteorology and the potential benefits to data users, applications areas, aeronautical meteorology and aviation.

With projects with Zurich Airport, armasuisse or in Jersey, Meteomatics has shown that flying Meteodrones operationally can provide an added value. The positive influence of drone data on the quality of weather forecasts has been proven; thus, confirming the pioneering role of the St. Gallen company in the field of weather data collection by drones. As an invited expert, Meteomatics CTO Christian Schluchter, therefore presented the successful concept Meteodrone in Toulouse.