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Hydrological forecasts are crucial for both hydro power estimations and flood warnings. With the Meteomatics high performance hydrological forecasts, water resources can be controlled and managed in an optimal way, allowing effective and beneficial power production schedules to maximise revenues from your assets.

The combination of high resolution catchment information with observational weather data and high resolution model forecasts also enables reliable forecasts of flash floods and extreme drought. Thus, Meteomatics helps you to optimize your decisions and minimize your risks. 



High resolution input data

  • High resolution catchment information of land usage, soil, topography, relief shading, water bodies etc.
  •  Observational weather data: radar, global radiation, snow depth, inflow etc.
  • High resolution global and regional weather forecasts: radar, ECMWF-IFS, EURO4, SWISS-1K etc.

  • Downscaling to a spatial resolution of melting relevant parameters such as temperature down to 90 meters 

2h forecast:


Flyer Hydro Power & Flood Forecast


Switzerland: +41 (0) 71 272 66 50

Germany:  +49 (0) 30 200 74 280

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