Weather Calendar

Add Weather Forecast to Google Calendar, Ical, and Outlook

How to Add Weather Forecast to Calendar

  1. Choose your desired location on the map or enter it in the search box
  2. Choose your preferred temperature unit
  3. Click on "Generate"
  4. Follow the instructions below for Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook

Celsius (°C)
Fahrenheit (°F)

How to Add Weather to Google Calendar

  1. Click on "Copy link" in the box where you generated the URL
  2. On Google Calendar, click on the + sign next to "Other calendars"
  3. Select "From URL"
  4. Paste the copied URL link into the field "URL of calendar"
  5. Click on "Add calendar"

How to Add Weather to iCal (Apple Calendar)

  1. Click "Open" in the box where you generated the URL
  2. In the following dialog select "Open Calendar"
  3. Click on "Subscribe"
  4. Adjust the options to your liking ("Auto-refresh" in particular)
  5. Press "OK"

How To Add Weather to Microsoft Outlook

  1. Click the button "Copy link"
  2. In the Outlook Calendar view, click on "Add Calendar"
  3. Select "Subscribe from web"
  4. Paste the URL into the opening window
  5. Click on "Import"

For Mac users, we suggest following these steps on the web through The calendar will then automatically appear on the app.

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