Simon Ashton Airbus
Simon Ashton
Principal Meteorologist for Airbus Zephyr & Expert Meteorologist Airbus Group
The combination of the Meteomatics data and visualization software MetX matched with Airbus designed tools provides the most advanced suite of weather forecasting systems available today.
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Weather Data Visualization on Maps With MetX

Metx landingpage

A web-based weather map tool powered by the Meteomatics Weather API.

Seamlessly visualize real-time, high-resolution weather events worldwide.

Get Access to MetX: Packages and Pricing

Test for Free Before Subscribing for a Regular License

MetX is a one-stop web-based professional tool accessible through a subscription.

The monthly license fee varies based on your usage scope and specific functionalities.

Custom Weather Maps

If you require a custom weather map, our team is ready to provide personalized guidance to help you find the perfect solution for your needs!

Subscribe to MetX, Get the Power of the Weather API at No Extra Cost

The weather maps generated in MetX are powered by the Meteomatics Weather API.

With a MetX license, you get unlimited access to all weather data available in the Meteomatics Weather API without having to acquire an API license.

Upon special request, MetX can also display data from EURO1k — the exclusive European weather model with a resolution of 1 kilometer from Meteomatics.

MetX 14-Days Free Trial


  • Explore all the features of MetX to create weather maps using most weather data from our Weather API (historical and climate data are not available in the test version)
  • Upgrade to a subscription for unlimited access to weather data at any time


MetX Regular License

Business use

Receive unlimited access to all data from our Weather API, including:

  • All weather parameters
  • Data from over 110 weather data sources
  • Current and historical weather forecasts, climate data and much more

Price based on configuration

MetX in a Nutshell

Stefanie kieferle
Stefanie Kieferle
Product Owner, MetX
With MetX, we make weather data accessible to everyone. It's an incredible tool for communicating weather information to all kinds of stakeholders, from fellow meteorologists to business executives.

Our Features

  • Utilization of layers to showcase a wide range of weather parameters
  • Real-time weather data calculation when zooming or changing views
  • Various maps available, including topographic maps, border maps, aeronautical maps, and more
  • Clear display of up to six maps on one screen
  • Various setting options, e.g., color saturation
  • Accurate data visualization even over large areas, including global view
  • High granular resolution of 90 meters based on the NASA terrain model, with measurement points calculated every 90 meters and scaled accordingly
  • Minute-by-minute temporal resolution
  • Data export available for each point on the map
  • Customized solutions available upon request

Your Benefits

Accelerate your workflow: Work with one single browser tab, visualize and analyze all data from over 110 sources at once in one platform

  • No need to install any software
  • No need for a storage solution
  • No need for additional data sources
  • Enhance your confidence in operational forecasts and work effectively under pressure
  • Communicate easily with diverse stakeholders thanks to dynamic and intuitive weather maps

Straightforward Access

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your login credentials
  3. Start creating weather maps
Radiation Screenshot

MetX weather map showing global solar radiation.


We keep the navigation in MetX simple and clear. You can create different profiles and access various functions via buttons, including:

  • Creating new maps or diagrams
  • Selecting weather layers
  • Entering weather parameters
  • Exploring different views
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Accessing account information
  • Saving your work

Time Navigation

At the bottom of the weather map, you have the flexibility to customize the time period for weather animations.

Most weather layers in our tool can be adjusted backward or forward in time, and you can even select a specific date.

Location Selection

A search function is available to find locations using specific addresses or longitude and latitude coordinates.

Met X UI Screen w Call outs 2


The weather layer overview enables you to integrate weather information from various sources into the weather map or chart. You can add diverse layers, such as:

Each layer comes with its own range of customization options. Once a weather layer is included, you can easily rearrange the layer order through a simple drag-and-drop process, allowing you to position layers as needed.


Weather animations illustrate the progression of weather conditions during a defined time frame.

In MetX, these animations are dynamically computed in real-time, displaying the most up-to-date weather information.

You can fine-tune the animation's duration to your preferences, adjusting parameters such as the start and end times, time zone, interval, and frames per second.


MetX offers the option to import or export saved weather profiles, images and videos.

You can export weather data based on your customized settings, combining individual layers with a single click, or choose to export created diagrams.

Additionally, animated weather maps can be saved as videos in your preferred format.

Aviation Met X

MetX allows you to display multiple weather maps in a single tab. You can choose how many maps to combine, with support for up to six fields that can hold maps or diagrams. Each field can have its own weather data, offering flexible combinations and display options for different weather layers.

Wind Visualization

The global wind feature offers worldwide coverage and enables users to create precise wind maps.

Its intuitive animations serve as an effective communication tool for different kinds of stakeholders, such as customers, investors and employees.

Thumbnail Weather Visualisation

Detailed Documentation and Tutorials

We prepared an extensive documentation about MetX to help you get started. Click the button to download the PDF or watch the video tutorials.

Metx illustration documentation

Example of a Weather Situation Evaluation

Weather forecast using MetX for Europe, North America, Africa and Australia on March 4, 2022, at 06:00 UTC.

  • Europe: A high-pressure system is situated over southern Norway, resulting in calm weather conditions. However, the first low-pressure systems are affecting the British Isles and the Iberian Peninsula, bringing unsettled weather.
  • North America: The northeastern US states are experiencing cold temperatures due to the influence of an approaching high-pressure system. Meanwhile, a low-pressure area near California is causing snowfall in lower elevations.
  • Africa: A tropical depression located over the West Indies is causing rainfall in northern Madagascar and along the southeastern African coastline. Additionally, the foothills of a low-pressure system over Spain are bringing rainfall to northern Morocco and Algeria.
  • Australia: The states of Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Queensland are currently experiencing widespread hot temperatures. Meanwhile, an area of low pressure is responsible for bringing rainfall to areas like Adelaide and South East Queensland.

Airbus Uses MetX To Ensure Zephyr Flies Safely to the Stratosphere

Use Case

Zephyr, a project by Airbus Defence and Space, aims to offer advanced observation, sensing, and connectivity capabilities for commercial, institutional, and military users.

The synergy between the Meteomatics Weather API's data and MetX's visualization capabilities and Airbus-designed tools results in the most advanced suite of weather forecasting systems, ensuring the safe navigation of Zephyr into the stratosphere.

Airbus 2022 BRANDED header image v2

Ready To Start?

Start a Free Trial

Test the power of MetX for free for 14 days.

Request a License

Share your use case; we'll tailor a package just for you.

Do You Have Any Questions About MetX? Contact Us!

Julie Pasquier – Head of Meteorology
Dr. Julie Pasquier
Head of Meteorology

Customised industry solutions

Get in touch - we are here for you.

Contact us if you have questions about specific industry applications or would like advice from our experts! We look forward to your enquiry and will get back to you within one working day.

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